Location:  Cleveland National Forest

Ranger Jim Award

Western Los Angeles County Council

El Camino Real Medal.jpg

3” x 4”

A conservation award established by Troop 317 of Canoga Park, CA. to honor the Rangers of Angeles National Forest for their hard work and dedication to nature and the environment, and for their strong support of the Boy Scouts of America Trail Boss Programs.

El Camino Real Medal

San Diego - Imperial

El Camino Real Medal.jpg

Take a hike of at least 15 miles (or 7-1/2 hours scheduled back pack time) along the El Camino Real.

Hiking Activity Award

Inland Empire

El Camino Real Medal.jpg

2'' x 2'' patches

These awards were developed to encourage beginning hiking activities with advancement. They promote hiking and environmental awareness. The hikes can be completed within a day or over a weekend.

Far Western Adventure

Los Padres Council

El Camino Real Medal.jpg


Take a long term backpack trip anywhere EXCEPT the Sierras.

Mini-Peak Bagger Award

Greater Los Angeles

El Camino Real Medal.jpg

3'' x 3''

This award program is designed to introduce Units to backcountry peak climbing. Units can earn the awards in the Southern California mountain regions that are within easy reach for one-day outings. It is hoped that the Unit will see mini-peak climbing as an opportunity to supplement its weekend or short-term backpacking program. Approved peaks have elevations of between 5,000 to 10,000 feet and require minimal off-trail or cross country hiking. 

A maximum of three peaks may be climbed for credit on a single outing; however, only two may be climbed on a single day. All eligible peaks are located in Southern California. An award is earned when 8, 16, and 24 (cumulative) different peaks from the approved list are climbed, and the other specific requirements are met.

National Forest Hiking Awards

Inland Empire

El Camino Real Medal.jpg

Main Patch: 3½'' x 3''; Segments: 3 1/2'' x 1''

The former Old Baldy Council (presently CIEC) High Adventure Team developed this award for units who enjoy camping and exploring our national forests, but do not necessarily participate in backpacking.

106-Miler Backpacking Medal

Orange County

El Camino Real Medal.jpg

Backpack and hike 106 cumulative miles over the course of multiple scouting events.  

The purpose of this medal is to motivate scouts who are relatively early in their scouting career with backpacking & hiking.  Mileage over the course of several trips quickly adds up, and before too long a scout will be able to proudly wear this "bling" on their uniform.  

Why 106 miles?  It is half the distance of the iconic John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, symbolizing the scout's achievement and also the fact that many more adventures still await!

Santiago Peak Award

Orange County

El Camino Real Medal.jpg

3'' Diameter

Summit Santiago Peak