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106-Miler Backpacking Medal

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Sponsoring Council

Orange County

Award Dimensions


Backpack and hike 106 cumulative miles over the course of multiple scouting events.  

The purpose of this medal is to motivate scouts who are relatively early in their scouting career with backpacking & hiking.  Mileage over the course of several trips quickly adds up, and before too long a scout will be able to proudly wear this "bling" on their uniform.  

Why 106 miles?  It is half the distance of the iconic John Muir Trail in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, symbolizing the scout's achievement and also the fact that many more adventures still await!

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Detailed Requirements

Detailed Requirements

  1. This is a hiking and backpacking cumulative mileage award, and is earned concurrently with other High Adventure Awards.

  2. A minimum of 50% of the miles must be backpacking miles, and additional miles may be day hiking miles.  The exception is Cub Scouts, where all mileage may be day hiking miles.

  3. Backpacking treks must comply with the Area IV General Requirements.

  4. Backpack and hike a cumulative total of 106 miles.

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