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El Camino Real Medal for Cub Scouts

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Sponsoring Council

San Diego - Imperial

Award Dimensions


Take a hike of 5 miles along the El Camino Real.

Map Link (where applicable)

External Reference (where applicable)

Detailed Requirements


All unit leaders should obtain a current copy of San Diego Trek Aid #106, "El Camino Real". This pamphlet contains suggested routes, menus, history and other valuable information. 


1. History 

a.  Read or scan Trek Aid No. 106 and a brief history of the El Camino Real. Several publications listed in the Trek Aid are suitable for younger Scouts.
b.  Discuss with the Leaders a description of the El Camino Real and the Missions it served, why and by whom it was founded, the many people who traveled it and the type of life it sustained during its greatest use.

2. Visits to Missions and Museums. 

a.  Visit at least two of the original Missions in Alta California and at least one museum portraying artifacts and the life of the Mission Period (some Missions are also museums).

3. Mission Cooking. 

a.  Mission Cooking:Assist the group in preparing and eating at least one meal similar to that of the Mission Period. For example: (1) Hard crackers and cheese, jerky and dried fruit; (2) Spanish hot chocolate. (Use double the amount of hot chocolate mix with a dash of cinnamon).

4. Hike the Trail of the Padres. 

a.  Hike 5 miles along the El Camino Real or a designated route known to have been used by the early Padres or similar trail in the California backcountry, or
b.  Hike the alternate route in San Diego Old Town and Presidio Park, shown in Appendix A of Trek Aid No. 106.

5. Comply with the General Requirements. 

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