High Adventure Awards Program

The Council High Adventure Teams of Area IV approve and develop the trail awards. These awards are provided to Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Girl Scouts and their leaders as an incentive to develop Pack or Troop outdoor programs. A description of the awards and the requirements for earning each can be found in two publications, produced in Orange County and provided to all Councils, the Cub Adventure Awards for Cubs and Webelos and the High Adventure Awards for Scouts and Explorers. Those award publications are published here in PDF format for download and reference. In addition links have been provided for access to the 'Wilderness Use Policy' and the 'Guide to Safe Scouting' as well as a link to assist in ordering the awards

HAT Award Placemat (A0 - 8pt font) v5.0.

The Orange County Council High Adventure Team put together this poster as a way to bring visibility to the various Council awards and to get scouts excited.  Please feel free to download it and print it on large poster printer OR share the pdf within your troop.


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General Requirements

Each of the local High Adventure Councils work together to offer these awards.  Through our Inter-Council HAT meetings we have agreed upon a base set of requirements for all awards, referred to as Area IV General Requirements.

Please follow this link to view a copy of the most recently approved Area IV General Requirements.


How to order awards ...

High Adventure awards are ordered through the Councils that sponsor those awards.

While each Council has created their own award form to support the nuances of their program (e.g.: to collect specific leader information, trek information, planning verification, etc), in an effort to simplify cross-Council efforts, all Councils accept the award forms of all other Councils.  For practical purposes, this means that Units within the Orange County Council may use this attached form to order all awards from all Councils.

Orange County High Adventure Award Form

The following list provides contact information to order awards from each Council

Council Name

Contact Name

Phone / FAX


(602)224-5684 Fax


(702)949-6022 Fax

(562)427-0911 x230

(562)492-9437 Fax


(805)967-5094 Fax

Email completed award form to  outdoor@ocbsa.org

619-298-6121  x236

(619)369-3600 Fax


(661)325-2122 Fax


(805)482-6071 Fax


(818)243-5169 Fax


(818)901-4888 Fax