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Tri-Challenge Award

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Sponsoring Council

Ventura County Council

Award Dimensions


The Tri-Challenge Award offered by the Ventura County Council, Boy Scouts of America, is a special award for achieving prerequisites as described below, and finally traveling fifty (50) miles within a thirty-six (36) hour period by backpacking, canoeing and cycling. A minimum of ten (10) miles will be required for each segment and the remaining twenty (20) miles may be flexible between the three modes of travel. You may travel in any order. To qualify for the Tri-Challenge Award, the group must complete the following requirements:

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External Reference (where applicable)

Detailed Requirements

1. Each participant must walk and carry his personal equipment and his share of common camping equipment and provisions.

2. Each participant will have earned two (2) training hike awards and one (1) weekend hike award before attempting the Tri-Challenge Award.

3. Each participant will earn two (2) cycling training awards and one (1) weekend touring cycling award before attempting the Tri-Challenge Award.

4. All persons, both youth and adult, must have prior canoe training. Recommended Red Cross Canoe Training or High Adventure Canoeing Seminar Awareness for adult and both canoe and swimming merit badges for youth.

5. Prepare an itinerary for your trip using Topo and other appropriate maps. Secure a local tour permit and any other permits (such as fire permit) before beginning the event. Overnight Camping is not required - but is recommended.

6. Each participant will work one hour on a good turn project.

7. Complete High Adventure Awards application and return to your H.A.T. representative. Comply with the General Requirements.

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