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Trailsaver Awards

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Sponsoring Council

Greater Los Angeles

Award Dimensions

3'' x 3''


These awards were developed by the LAAC, in concert with the USDA-FS, to promote Unit participation in forest and trail conservation and construction projects. The initial award program, TrailSaver, was adopted in 1982 as a special activity to be offered for two years. It proved so successful that it was made permanent and has led to the adoption of a second award program, ForestSaver. All conservation work must have the prior approval as to what, where, when, and how from the proper USDA-Forest Service representative, or administrator for a location other than a National Forest. All work must be done under the direction of a person, typically a Trail Boss, assigned by that representative. 

Awards in these programs are earned when the participant performs 6,12,18, 24, and 30 hours of LAAC-HAT approved conservation work. Unit Leadership must also satisfy these General Requirements for the outing

Map Link (where applicable)

External Reference (where applicable)

Detailed Requirements


1. Obtain a Tour and Activity Plan for each day or period of work. 

2. Have a signed Consent to Participate and Consent to Obtain Emergency Medical Treatment form for each Scout participant. 

3. Observe the BSA-National Council rule of a minimum of two registered adults, one of whom must be 21, and two Scouts. 

4. One participating adult must hold current ARC Community (or more advanced) First Aid and CPR Certifications. 

Hours for these awards may not be used to meet the requirement for any other outdoor award or for advancement in rank except as an Eagle Project. The LAAC-HAT also sponsors the Trail Boss Service Pin and the Jim Spencer Conservation Award. All applications for a conservation award must be approved by an authorized member of the LAAC-HAT. 

This award program recognizes individual participation in trail construction and maintenance projects. This participation can be as part of a Unit service project or an Eagle project. The awards are earned in six hour increments, on a cumulative basis. 

Please refer to the LAAC-HAT Hike Aid 7, “Trail Conservation”, for additional information about this program. The appendix of the Hike Aid contains a form, Conservation Award Log, to be used to obtain awards.

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