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Trail Angels Award

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Sponsoring Council

Orange County

Award Dimensions

4'' diameter


Recognize scouts and scouters who aid hikers or backpackers with food, supplies, or general support over the course of a multi-day hike.

The award is specifically modeled after "Trail Angels" who aid long distance thru hikers on the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, Continental Divide Trail, etc, with water, food, and supplies.

Additionally, the award is intended to recognize scouts and scouters who play an active role in providing logistical aid in support of a multi-day activity (e.g.: performing water drops for a desert backpacking trek, etc).

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Detailed Requirements

Trail Angels Award


1.  This award may be earned concurrently with other awards.

2.  During the course of a scouting event:

  • provide aid to thru hikers (multi-day hikers) in the form of food, water, first aid, equipment repair, let them join you at your campfire to warm up and relax, or some other aid deemed appropriate by the troop's Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster


  •  play a meaningful role in providing logistical support to a multi-day troop or patrol activity - possibly in the form of water, food, or equipment drops

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