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RETIRED - National Parks Award

White Mountain.jpg

Sponsoring Council

RETIRED - San Gabriel Council

Award Dimensions

3'' x 4''


This award was developed by Crew 73 of the San Gabriel Valley Council to encourage units to visit and take advantage ot he many opportunities our National Parks, Monuments or Battlefields have to offer.

Map Link (where applicable)

External Reference (where applicable)

Detailed Requirements


  1. Comply with the Area IV general requirements.

  2. Visit any National Park, National Monument or Battlefield as part of a unit outing. 

  3. Spend a weekend, if allowed, exploring what the park has to offer.

  4. Take photographs of what you observe.

  5. As a group, put together a display board to share with those who did not attend your adventures. This board could be presented at a troop meeting, Court of Honor, or any other event your unit feels appropriate.

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