Jim Hawkins Mountaineering Medal

White Mountain.jpg

Sponsoring Council

Greater Los Angeles

Award Dimensions


This award was developed by Troop/Crew 1210 of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA and honors Jim Hawkins, Chair of the LAAC High Adventure Team for over 30 years. The upper portion of the medal depicts Dusy Basin in King’s Canyon National Park and three creatures that inhabit the Sierra High Route: Yellow-bellied Marmot, Clark’s Nutcracker and Golden Trout. The lower portion shows the face of Mt. Whitney.

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Detailed Requirements


1. Earn any eight weekend High Adventure backpacking awards. 

2. Earn any two long-term High Adventure backpacking Awards (25 or more scheduled backpack hours) from any council. 

3. Earn two of the following: 

(1) GLAAC Peak Bagger Award (5 peaks) ; 

(2) WLAAC 14,495 Foot Club; 

(3) OCC Mt. Whitney Day Trek; 

(4) OCC White Mountain; 

(5) OCC Telescope Peak; 

(6) OCC Eagle Scout Peak;

(7) OCC Mt. Langley.

4. Earn the GLAAC 6-Hour Silver Trailsaver and and the 12-Hour Forest Conservation Awards (GLAAC Trailsaver).