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Ghost Chasers Historic Award

White Mountain.jpg

Sponsoring Council

Western Los Angeles County Council

Award Dimensions

3” x 3”


This award was established to lead young and old of scouting to the scenes and towns of the early west. Many ghost towns and historic sites are within a day or two drive from Southern California. Why not do something exciting and fun? Relive the good old days of the past.

Map Link (where applicable)

External Reference (where applicable)

Detailed Requirements

1. Meet all applicable General Requirements.

2. This award may be earned by registered Scouts, Venturers, or Scouters in the BSA program and registered Cadets, Senior Scouts, and adults in the GSA program.

3. Youth must visit a minimum of three (3) Ghost Towns or Historical Sites.

a. Stay at a nearby camp site overnight close to the Ghost Town or Historical Site.

b. Write or give an oral report of the history of each of the three Ghost Towns or Historical Sites visited.

4. Registered adults must have a minimum of four (4) youth earn this award to be eligible to receive this award

5. The award application must be approved by a High Adventure Team approval person.

6. These SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS shall supersede the General Requirements of there is an area of conflict.

References: California-Nevada Ghost Town Atlas by Neil Johnson; CaliforniaGhost Towns, Automobile Club of Southern California.

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