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Cycling Achievement Award

White Mountain.jpg

Sponsoring Council

Ventura County Council

Award Dimensions

3'' x 4''


Ride 100 miles in one day.

Map Link (where applicable)

External Reference (where applicable)

Detailed Requirements

1. Ride 100 miles in one day. A day is defined as the time between one hour before sunrise to one hour after sunset.

2. Submit the following to the High Adventure Team prior to the ride:

a. Itinerary, including route, alternate route, rest stops, estimated starting time, and estimated duration.

b. Participant roster (name, address, phone number, age, and Scout rank).

c. Completed bike checklists signed by a qualified cycling instructor.

d. Personal and group equipment lists.

e. Name and phone number of a person to be notified in case of an emergency.

3. Obtain a B.S.A. Tour Permit

4. Each youth must carry a signed Parents Emergency Consent Form.

5. Groups must have at least one Registered Adult Scouter (21 years old or older) and at least one Adult with a First Aid Card with them at all times. One Adult for each Ten Youths. Recommended minimum is two Adults for each group.

6. Participants must be familiar with State Vehicle Codes and obey all traffic signals.

7. A "Sag Wagon", emergency vehicle is strongly recommended.

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