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Three Saints Award

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Sponsoring Council

Orange County

Award Dimensions

4'' x 3''


Summit Mt San Antonio, Mt San Gorgonio, and Mt San Jacinto in the Southern California mountains.

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Detailed Requirements

Three Saints Award

The 3 “Saints” for this award are Mt. San Antonio (Baldy), Mt. San Jacinto and Mt. San Gorgonio in the southern California mountain’s and this award requires climbing to the summit of all 3 within a 15 month period of time.


  1. Comply with the GERNERAL REQUIREMENTS.

  2. Climb Mt. San Antonio as part of either a day hike or overnight backpacking trip. DO NOT use the ski lift if using the trail from Manker Flats.

  3. Climb Mt. San Jacinto as part of an overnight backpacking trip. backpacking trip.

  4. Hike to the summit of Mt. San Gorgonio Peak (11,503 ft. elevation) as part of an overnight backpacking trip.

  5. Complete all 3 hikes as a registered Scout or adult Scouter. Hikes may be part of longer treks earning other awards (if applicable).

  6. At least one adult on each outing must have completed Council Adult Leader Basic Backpack Training.

This award can be earned in conjunction with other High Adventure Awards.

This High Adventure Award was dreamt up by Ryan (an Eagle Scout in Troop 93 out of Fullerton, CA) while backpacking in the local Southern California Mountains in the summer of 2013. Ryan and his fellow high adventure Scouts from Troop 93 had stopped for a short break along a ridge and noticed how they could see the outlines of San Antonio, San Gorgonio and across the valley to San Jacinto. It was a clear day providing a spectacular 360 degree view in the local mountain’s where these Scouts had spent many weekends camping and logging many backpacking miles. This Award was created to encourage climbing the highest peaks and concurring the most challenging trails in these southern California mountain ranges. The views from all three of these “Saints” are quite spectacular on a clear day.

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