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Scouting Spirit

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Sponsoring Council

Western Los Angeles County Council

Award Dimensions

3” x 4”


This is a very special award. To earn it, two (2) separate scout troops, one traditional and one handicapped, work together on an outdoor activity. Since members of both units will contribute, they will each earn the same award.

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Detailed Requirements

1. Meet all applicable General Requirements.

2. The leaders from each unit will meet with the Council Representative (the District Executive, or key volunteer associated with special units of the council). At this meeting they will write a "ticket". This ticket will outline the specific objectives and responsibilities for each unit. The guide for this ticket will be "On My Honor, I Will Do My Best" and the ticket will be aimed at the abilities of the participants.

3. The two units will perform the activity to meet the objectives and commitments agreed upon in the ticket.

4. When both units have met the requirements of the ticket, they will turn in an award application to a High Adventure Team representative. This application will include the ticket and supporting information that will show the ticket items have been completed. The award will be approved when the H.A.T. Representative is satisfied that both units have completed their ticket.

5. These SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS shall supersede the General Requirements of there is an area of conflict.


1. The primary objective is to bring these two different units together for a meaningful activity that will lead to better understandings by all participants. It is also hoped that this first activity will lead to other joint activities.

2. It is the intent of this program that the award be truly earned. It is essential that the handicapped Scout be given the opportunity to feel the pride of doing his best. It will also bring a feeling of pride to the traditional Scout for going something really worthwhile.

3. This award will also provide a means for the traditional Scout Unit to help their boys meet most of the requirements for the Handicapped Awareness Merit Badge.

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