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RETIRED - Butterfield Stage Hiking Trail

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Sponsoring Council

RETIRED - Grand Canyon

Award Dimensions

3 1/2'' x 4''


Hike the Butterfield Stage hiking trail.

Map Link (where applicable)

External Reference (where applicable)

Detailed Requirements


1. Obtain from Theodore Roosevelt Council a current copy of "The Butterfield Stage Hiking Trail in Arizona", which contains an historical outline of the trail and directions. 

2. File the appropriate Tour Permits. 

3. Be currently registered in Boy Scouting or Exploring. 

4. Have obtained the personal recommendation of your Unit Leaders and the written permission of your parents or guardian to take the hike. 

5. Read a brief history of the Trails and submit a written report (approximately 400 words) to your Unit Leaders on the "Butterfield Trail" or write an acceptable theme of at least 1,000 words on "What America's Historic Trails Mean To Me". These reports are to be submitted to the Trails Committee by the Unit Leader along with the High Adventure Awards Application. The reports should be written within two weeks after completing the hike. 

6. Scouts and Venturers should wear uniform on the trail. 

7. Comply with the GENERAL REQUIREMENTS.

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