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Mt San Bernardino Peak

White Mountain.jpg

Sponsoring Council

Inland Empire

Award Dimensions

2'' x 2''


Summit Mt. San Bernardino Peak (10,649').

Map Link (where applicable)

External Reference (where applicable)

Detailed Requirements



1. Comply with the General Requirements.

2. An adult leader (21 or older) going on the hike must have completed the Council Basic Backpack course. Also, an adult must have a current Standard First Aid Card.

3. All members going on hike must have completed two overnight training hikes with one of them having an overnight camp above 8,000 ft. elevation.

4. Each individual must carry their food and equipment for a minimum of 7 hrs. Compute hrs. as follows: 1 hr. for each 1000 ft. of elevation gain plus 1 hr. for every two miles hiked.

5. Each individual must make an overnight camp in the Wilderness Area and reach the Peak to qualify for the award.

6. A minimum of 30 minutes per person conservation work, such as trail/campsite cleanup or trail/campsite repair is required. Any trail or campsite repair work is to be approved by the Dept. of Forestry.

7. Participants should have read Los Angeles Council Hike Aids 1 & 2 (most current edition).

8. Obtain a Tour Permit prior to trip. A Wilderness permit is required from Mill Creek Forestry Station.

HELPFUL NOTES: If individuals on this hike already have this award, the Weekend Hike in a National Forest Award can be earned. The hours hiked have to be completed, but the Peak climb is not necessary to earn this award. The two main trail heads are Forsee Creek and Camp Angelus. Both have good parking. If Camp Angelus trailhead is used, this peak will give you a "C" peak for the Peak Bagger Award. Of the two, Forsee Creek Trail is shorter and slightly easier. There are Wilderness Camp areas off of each of the trails mentioned above that will allow you to complete the required hiking hours. They both offer a place to camp with water (short hike from camp) and a base to hike the peak with only a "day" pack. The camps are: Limber Pines Bench along the Camp Angelus Trail and Trail Forks Springs along the Forsee Creek Trail.

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