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Lyle N. Whited Hiking Award

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Sponsoring Council

Greater Los Angeles

Award Dimensions

4'' x 3''


In September 1990, the Parents’ Committee of Troop 211, Torrance, CA, decided to create a special award to recognize the diverse, year-round High Adventure program that the Troop had experienced over the prior 20-plus years. As Lyle Whited had served as Assistant Scoutmaster/Hikemaster for over half that period, it also decided to put his name on it. For a number of years, this award was only offered to members of that Unit and of the local District. The LAAC-HAT is now making it available to anyone who has met its requirements.

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Detailed Requirements


1. 12 hours of Eagle (or equivalent program rank) project work. 

2. 30 hours of trail work (not counting trail work done on an Eagle project or to earn another award). 

3. Earn the LAAC-HAT 8 Mini-Peak Bagger Award or the LAAC-HAT 5 Peak Bagger Award. 

4. 50 miles of hiking and backpacking. 

5. 40 nights of camping (backpacking and summer camp). 

6. Earn One long-term backpack trek (4 nights or longer, as part of the miles hiking and nights camping requirements).. 

This special award may be earned concurrent with, and in addition to, any other High Adventure awards that were granted to satisfy the requirements listed above. The activity required may have occurred at any time while the recipient was affiliated with a Scouting organization.

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