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Horn of Plenty

White Mountain.jpg

Sponsoring Council

Western Los Angeles County Council

Award Dimensions

5½“ x 3”


This award was developed for the youth in scouting to learn how important it is to help others and to know there are hungry people in their own community who need help.

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Detailed Requirements

1. Meet all applicable GENERAL REQUIREMENTS.

2. Youths eleven (11) years or older, registered in the Boy Scout or Girl Scout programs, may earn this award.

3. Registered adults in either BSA or GSA may earn this award by having a minimum of four (4) youth in their unit earn this award.

4. You must have approval from an agency/representative of a food/hunger project prior to beginning work on the project.

5. You must have your BSA Local Tour Permit signed by the agency representative along with indicated hours worked.

4. The award application must be approved by a High Adventure Team approval person.

5. These SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS shall supersede the General Requirements of there is an area of conflict.


1. The award is divided into four (4) separate five (5) hour segments with the Horn of Plenty patch awarded together with the initial five (5) hour segment.

2. This award was developed by Pack 644 of Canoga Pard. Cubmaster Nancy Edwards

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