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Cycling Awards

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Sponsoring Council

Inland Empire

Award Dimensions

1 1/4'' Diameter


Ride a bicycle the various distances of these awards.

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External Reference (where applicable)

Detailed Requirements


These awards are designed to promote the enjoyment of bicycling. It should be planned as a Boy Scout activity. Only registered Boy Scouts and Adult Leaders may qualify for this award.


  1. Before the first bicycle ride, meet requirements 1 and 4 of the Cycling Merit Badge. These requirements address proper adjustment of the bicycle and how to repair a flat. Additionally, be sure the bicycle meets local laws.

  2. For both rides, each boy should have access to the following equipment: a.Patch kit or extra inner tube.  b.Tire lever for removing the tire from rim;  c.A tire pump.

  3. Cyclists must have taken a day training ride of at least 15 miles before the award ride.

  4. The cyclist must complete this award ride within a day by riding at least 25 miles. (The two rides can be done on successive days if the leader feels the boys have the ability).

  5. Each ride should be done for enjoyment, so stopping at points of interest is encouraged. Water and lunches are recommended.

  6. There must be at least two (2) adults on every ride. Riding group must have at least one registered scouter and at least one adult with a current First Aid Card. The adult Scouter may also be the First Aid card carrier. (Remember, if adults wish to qualify for the award, they must also be Registered Scouters).

  7. Leader must carry parent release (emergency consent) for each Boy Scout which specifies the outing and date covered, and must have a completed Tour Permit turned into the Council office.

  8. It is highly recommended that each rider wear a safety helmet.

  9. It is highly recommended that the riding group use Class I bikeways. Class I bikeways, also referred to as "bike trails" or "bike paths", are routes that do not follow any previously established right-of-way. Ideally, they are constructed exclusively for use by cyclists and offer the most pleasant recreational riding.

  10. For any ride using automobile roads, a backpack application with a map showing proposed route must be turned into the local H.A.T . representative for approval prior to the ride in order to receive the award. Additionally, a "trail" car must be used when using automobile roads.


The first award (25) is earned when the above requirements are met. A second award (25, 25) is earned when requirement 4 is completed a SECOND time. A third award (25, 25, 50) is earned when requirement 4 is completed a THIRD time with a ride of at least 50 miles within one day. For the second and third awards, only requirement 3 does NOT have to be repeated.

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