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3Ts Trail

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Sponsoring Council

Inland Empire

Award Dimensions

3'' x 3''


Backpack and summit Timber peak (8303'), Telegraph peak (8985'), and Thunder peak (8587') in the Cucagmonga Wilderness.

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Detailed Requirements

The 3-T's Trail leads through the primitive Cucamonga Wilderness from Ice House Saddle to Baldy Notch. The trail features vistas of the rugged high country and Cajon Pass areas. The 3-T's Trail is accessed from either the Chapman Trail leading up from Ice House Canyon or from Baldy Notch Service Road at Manaker Flats. The hike requires a 2 mile car shuttle. Plan to carry at least three (3) quarts of water per person, as there is no water available on the trail. Water is available at Cedar or Columbine Springs in Ice House Canyon or at the Baldy Notch Ski Lodge.


1. Comply with GENERAL REQUIREMENTS. Obtain a Tour Permit from your local BSA Council Office.

2. Secure a Wilderness Permit at Mt. Baldy Ranger Station.

Open Friday - Sunday, 8 am - 4 pm. Telephone: (714) 982-2829.

3. Complete a hike on the 3-T's Trail (7W06) in either direction between Ice House Saddle and Baldy Notch.

4. During the hike, each participant shall complete a climb to the summits of Timber Peak (8303'), Telegraph Peak (8985'), and Thunder Peak (8587'). These peaks are the "3-T's".

5. This award may be earned in addition to an overnight backpack award when the overnight trek includes a hike on the 3-T's Trail.

6. File a hike report listing all participants and an award application with your local Council High Adventure Team to purchase the award.

7. Requirements are retroactive to January 1, 1990.

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