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180 Degree Club

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Sponsoring Council

Western Los Angeles County Council

Award Dimensions

3” DIA.


Established for those participants engaged in a high adventure trip of 3 days or more that: Due to mother nature creating such a disturbance that adult leaders using good sound judgment turned back or took an escape route to eliminate possible danger to the participants and were not able to complete the requirements to earn the original award.

Map Link (where applicable)

External Reference (where applicable)

Detailed Requirements

1. Could not complete trip because of earthquake, flooding, blizzard, destructive wind, torrential rain, sudden snow storm, avalanches, fire or any combination of these.

2. Meet all requirements of original award except for length of time and mileage.

3. Where possible have BSA tour permit signed by an official stating the reason trip was cut short.

4. Award may be earned anywhere.

5. Must be on the trail of an approved scheduled trip prior to turning around.

6. Award is retroactive to January 1986

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