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Topa Topa

White Mountain.jpg

Sponsoring Council

Ventura County Council

Award Dimensions

3” x 3”


Backpack the Los Padres National Forest to the Topatopa bluff.

Map Link (where applicable)

External Reference (where applicable)

Detailed Requirements

1. Each participant must carry his backpack containing his personal equipment and his share of common camping equipment and provisions. Each participant will work 1 hour on a good turn project.

2. Each participant will have earned 2 training awards and 1 weekend hike award before attempting the Topa Topa Hike.

3. Secure a Local Tour Permit before going on the hike. Prepare an itinerary of your hike plans using topo and forest service maps of the area and prepare a roster of group assigned duties, pack lists, menu, food lists, cooking equipment list, and group equipment list to be used on the hike. Secure a Los Padres fire permit and submit, if practical, a roster and hike itinerary to the forest service.

4. Complete the required hike to trail crest using one of the following trailheads: Middle Lion Camp, Thatcher School; Sisar Canyon. One night camp must be spent at "Lady Bug Campground".

5. Contact your local H.A.T. representative prior to the hike and have him sign the application after the hike. Comply with the General Requirements.

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