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Council Camp Conservation

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Sponsoring Council

Western Los Angeles County Council

Award Dimensions

3” x 4”


The Award was developed in cooperation with Malibu Lodge, Order of the Arrow to recognize those individuals who have donated their time and effort to better our Council Camps. The Award has 25, 50, 75, and 100 hour segments to indicate hours of service the individual has performed at the Council Camps/Reservations.

Map Link (where applicable)

External Reference (where applicable)

Detailed Requirements

1. Earned only at Scout Camps/Reservations and must be an approved Unit, District or Council activity. BSA Tour Permit Required.

2. If a Unit or District or Council activity they must:

a.Fill out as camp reservation, which must be approved.

b.Have an approved BSA Tour Permit.

3. Council or District Camping Committees are exempt from item 3 (but BSA Tour Permits are always recommended).

4. Each segment shall be earned totally at the Scout Camp where it was started. Work to be approved and hours verified by the Camp Ranger/Caretaker or approved Campmaster.

5. H.A.T. Approval Person approve award application. Retroactive to May 1, 1982.

6. Patch and segments may be worn on the uniform as a temporary Patch and Segment - right shirt pocket.

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