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This award was developed and sponsored by Troops 636 and 1210 of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (Orange County) and honors our own Bron Draganov, Steve Parker and Dennis Crockett...all aging climbers from their youth who first took Scouts climbing in Joshua Tree National Park when the Climbing Merit Badge debuted in 1997.

Also honored are those Southern California area Scouters who were instrumental in getting climbing programs going in their respective councils and beyond: Mel Krone...AKA “Majorjarhead”, David Crockett, Rod Myers (Ventura)...Steve Dodson (Greater Los Angeles)...Gary McGinley, Paul D’Amore, Terry Amundson (Orange County)...Wally Clack, Bob Parks, Steve Schell (San Diego Imperial)...Paul “Three Wraps” Espinoza ( California Inland Empire). *



1.  Participate in 3 separate unit climbing outings in Joshua Tree National Park (JTNP). Follow all current Boy Scouts of America “Climb on Safely” Guidelines.


2.  During the third climbing outing, function as a “helper” to the adult climbing instructors such as helping set up anchors and climbing routes, instructing younger Scouts in proper climbing, belaying and rappelling technique, teaching climbing knots and rope coil to younger Scouts etc., all under the supervision of the adult climbing instructors. These are guidelines and the exact job description is left to the discretion of the on-site adult climbing instructors.


3.  Earn the Climbing Merit Badge or complete the Mountaineering Award (Ranger Award elective) requirements.


4.  Adult leaders may use climbing certification outings in JTNP to count for this award, and are exempt from requirement 3.


*Scouters are encouraged to contact Dennis Crockett at for any other individuals that should be recognized here.

Top Roping Honor Award

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