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Pacific Crest Trail Backpack - 15 Mile Footprint

White Mountain.jpg

Sponsoring Council

San Diego - Imperial

Award Dimensions

1'' x 2''


Earn this 15-mile segment for backpacking the Pacific Crest Trail after earning the PCT Backpacking Award.

Map Link (where applicable)

External Reference (where applicable)

Detailed Requirements



1. The Pacific Crest Trail 15-mile Footprint may be earned only after earning the Pacific Crest Trail Backpacking Award. 

2. Comply with articles 1 & 2 of the Pacific Crest Trail Backpacking Award. 

3. Each person, as part of a group project, perform 2 hours of conservation work to improve the trail, campsite or general area during or within 6 months of the backpack. NOTE: Clean-up qualifies for the 15-mile Footprint only. 

4. Backpacks or fractions thereof are not accumulative. Each 15-Mile Footprint requires a separate backpack as described in Art. 2 of the P.C.T. Backpacking Award, plus the 2 hours of conservation work. A backpack of 3 or more days may count mileage or hours of scheduled backpack time at not more than 10 miles/5 hours scheduled backpack time per day. Example: A backpack of 30 miles/15 hours scheduled backpack time in 3 consecutive days would qualify for 2 each 15-Mile Footprints.

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