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30,000 FT. CLUB - 60,000 FT. CLUB - 100,000 FT. CLUB

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Sponsoring Council

Las Vegas Area Council

Award Dimensions

1" x 3"


These segments are cumulative and can be earned by hiking to mountain peaks over 10,000 ft. in the Basin and Range. 3 peaks = 30,000 ft., 6 peaks = 60,000 ft., and 10 peaks = 100,000 ft.

Map Link (where applicable)

External Reference (where applicable)

Detailed Requirements

These may be earned as a side trip during a planned hike or as an event in itself. The hour/mileage shall not apply and there is no need to take the backpack to the peak. All other requirements listed in Basin and Range shall apply.

These awards replace the Basin and Range Awards which have been in place from the 70’s through 2002. The new awards may be earned by fulfilling the requirements and having a Tour Permit dated no earlier than January 2003.

In redefining the awards and updating the patch, the Boulder Dam Area Council High Adventure Team hopes to encourage more Scouts and Scouters to enjoy the outdoors as well as develop an awareness of the recreation potential in the Basin and Range of Nevada, Arizona, California, and Utah.

In requiring that leaders complete the Basic Backpack Awareness course in order to earn the award, the High Adventure Team hopes to develop the abilities and self-confidence within the Basin and Range environment and give special recognition to Scouts and Leaders who use it.

THIS LIST IS INCOMPLETE. There are many areas that may equal or surpass the challenge, beauty and desirability of going on these specific outings. If you know of a place which would meet all the requirements, or have some special requirements to make it work, write up a short statement of the location and the information which makes you feel it deserves to be an award hike in the Basin and Range. Bring or send the information to:

Boulder Dam Area Council

7220 S. Paradise Road

Las Vegas, Nevada 89119

Don’t forget to include your name, address and phone number.

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